Solflex GmbH

Sound insulation solutions for heat pump and air conditioning

About us

Solflex is developer of high-quality sound insulation solutions and distribute these directly to air-conditioning and refrigeration installation companies, as well as to manufacturers and their subsidiaries of air conditioning systems, heat pumps or condensing units, throughout Europe.

Of course, we are also available to assist engineering offices, consultants, architects as well as private and commercial building owners and plant operators.

Solflex acoustic housings have been developed by us to reduce the sound emissions of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump units, without limiting functionality, to negligible soundlevels for neighbors and residents.

In addition to the comprehensible and effective sound emission reduction, the acoustic hoods also offer protection against weathering and mechanical damage.

Solflex acoustic enclosures have the highest quality standards, are manufactured at European production sites, are tested to the highest quality and certified by independent testing institutes. Every single product leaves our house after a strict quality control.