Acoustic housing HM 13 dB(A)

Acoustic enclosure up to 13 dB(A) sound reduction, measured according to DIN EN ISO 3744


  • Designed to reduce the noise emissions of refrigeration, air conditioners and heat pumps without compromising functionality
  • Ingenious intake and exhaust air separation for optimum efficiency of the built-in outdoor unit
  • Service and maintenance access possible
  • Protection against the weather and vandalism
  • Can be adapted in colour to the environment

Sound insulation HM acoustic housing

Frequency (Hz)63125250500100020004000800016000
Sound insulation dB(A)1,01,05,014,018,014,015,016,018,0

Measurement method


Sound power measurement (MP1) of the calibrated reference sound source over a spherical envelope with 12 microphones.

Acoustic data: Class 2 according to DIN EN ISO 3744, as third octave spectrum and octave spectrum.


Sound power measurement (MP2) of the Solflex acoustic enclosure with reference sound source inside the acoustic housing over a spherical envelope with 12 microphones.

Acoustic data: Class 2 according to DIN EN ISO 3744, as third octave spectrum and octave spectrum.


MP1 – MP2 = sound level reduction by acoustic housing*

The difference between the two measurements is the sound level reduction of the acoustic housing.

* The measurement tolerance of +/- 1.5 dB(A) or tolerance range of 3 dB(A) according to DIN EN ISO 3744 was not taken in consideration and we publish only the minimum sound level reduction values.

Pressure drop HM acoustic cabin

Lowest pressure drop over the special acoustic grid with the same airflow direction of the installed outdoor unit.

HM100 (Pa)5567710121518
HM200 (Pa)77891112131516

Easy installation

Disassembled ex works for delivery without crane and easy installation and maintenance access.

Intake & exhaust principle

Principle: rear intake, front exhaust

Version: Galvanized steel

Solflex TypeHousing dimensionsH x W x D [mm]Weight[kg]Max. dimensions for installation *H x W x D [mm]Price **[€]
HM100NP1060 x 1200 x 1250123990 x 1060 x 6502.399,–
HM200NP1420 x 1200 x 12501591350 x 1060 x 6502.699,–
HM200NP-L1420 x 1400 x 14001851350 x 1260 x 8002.999,–
HM200NP-XL1420 x 1600 x 15002091350 x 1460 x 9003.199,–
HMY200NP1740 x 1200 x 12501951670 x 1060 x 6503.299,–
HMY200NP-L1740 x 1400 x 14002271670 x 1260 x 8003.399,–
HMY200NP-XL1740 x 1600 x 15002551670 x 1460 x 9003.499,–

Accessories / Options

** List price excl. VAT and excl. delivery

Documents / Downloads

On request, we can send you the CAD drawings.

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