Sound insulation wall SDW 100mm

Simple and inexpensive solution to sound problems in a certain direction; available in any desired size

Sound reduction index SDW 100mm

measured according to EN ISO 10140-2:2010

Rating in accordance with EN ISO 717-1:1996

Rw = 27 dB
Rw(Ctr, 50-5000) = 23 dB

Frequency (Hz)63125250500100020004000
Sound reduction dB12,313,919,929,126,126,827,9

Sound absorption coefficient SDW 100mm

measured according to EN ISO 354:2003

Rating in accordance with EN ISO 11654:1997

Weighted sound absorption coefficient αw = 1,00
Acoustical absorption class = A
NRC = 1
SAA = 1,01

Frequency (Hz)125250500100020004000
Practical sound absorption coefficient α(p)0,701,001,000,951,000,95

Measurement method


Sound pressure level in the sending room, in dB


Sound pressure level in the receiving room, in dB


R = L1 - L2 + 10 log (S/A) [dB]

is defined as the sound reduction index R according to the formula

Easy installation

Disassembled ex works for delivery without crane and easy installation and maintenance access.

Acoustic screen 100mm

SDW 100mm V = Galvanized steel and aluminum frame construction
SDW 100mm W = Galvanized steel in RAL9010 pure white powder-coated 
SDW 100mm G = Galvanized steel in RAL7016 anthracite grey powder-coated 
SDW 100mm A = Galvanized steel in RAL9006 white aluminium powder-coated
SDW 100mm B = Galvanized steel in RAL5010 gentian blue powder-coated

Solflex TypeHousing dimensionsH x W x D [mm]Weight[kg/m2]Price ** [€]
SDW 100mm *H and W made to measure, D=100mm25400,–

** List price excl. VAT and excl. delivery

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