Acoustic louvres

Acoustic louvres in 4 available depths (Single: 140, 300, Double: 280, 600mm), filled with acoustically absorbing material for maximum sound insulation

As standard, the Solflex acoustic louvres are made of galvanized or powder-coated sheet metal in RAL colors. Depending on the insulation required, the depth of the blinds can be selected from 4 available dimensions (Single: 140, 300, Double: 280 and 600mm depth). The width is arbitrary possible for 100mm from 300 to 2.500mm. The height is arbitrary possible, each 150mm from 450 to 2.250mm.

The entrance openings are equipped with bird protection nets as standard. The acoustic louvres serve as sound absorbing elements for ventilation openings of noisy rooms in order to reduce the noise emissions into open air (or in interspaces).

Price on request.

Sound insulation acoustic louvres according to EN ISO 114691


Depth 140mm

Frequency (Hz)1252505001000200040008000
Sound insulation dB(A)2,03,04,06,011,09,08,0

Depth 300mm

Frequency (Hz)1252505001000200040008000
Sound insulation dB(A)6,08,010,014,018,016,015,0


Depth 280mm

Frequency (Hz)1252505001000200040008000
Sound insulation dB(A)3,05,06,08,016,015,014,0

Depth 600mm

Frequency (Hz)1252505001000200040008000
Sound insulation dB(A)8,014,016,026,033,028,027,0

Pressure drop acoustic louvres according to UNI CTI 8728

Lowest pressure drop over the special acoustic grid with the same airflow direction of the installed outdoor unit.

Δpt (Pa)716284666

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